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Must Know Camping Hacks Vol 2.

Must Know Camping Hacks Vol 2.

1. Freeze gallon jugs of water instead of ice and place them in your cooler.


2. Use a Dollar Tree mesh bag to dry dishes.


3. Keep bugs out of drinks with cupcake liners.


4. Light up your cooler with glowsticks.


5. Make several omelets at once in a Ziploc bag!


6. Make your own candle with an orange peel.


7. Put pancake batter in an empty ketchup bottle for an easy breakfast.


8. Cook cinnamon rolls over the campfire.


9. Store cracked eggs in an empty creamer bottle instead of packing fragile eggs in shells.


10. Use dental floss and coffee filters for tea and coffee bags.

One thought on “Must Know Camping Hacks Vol 2.

  1. avatar GARY BOULDING says:

    Like the idea of freezing water, for drinking, using as ice coolant. Using half of orange or grapefruit for a candle is a safe practical idea. A slite essence of orange or grapefruit would be ideal bonus.

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