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Escape to the Outdoors: The Coronavirus Camping Craze of 2020

Escape to the Outdoors: The Coronavirus Camping Craze of 2020

With concerts, sporting events, conferences, bars, restaurants and many other social events and businesses taking proactive measures to cancel or postpone to support social distancing, Americans will certainly turn to streaming entertainment and home organization projects for entertainment.  As remote working grows and fewer clients and customers persist, family bonding and connection time will increase. The growth in family connection time is a great thing, but we’re all bound to get stir crazy after a month or two of isolation. 

So where will we eventually find connection, joy, and comfort OUTSIDE of our homes after the shelter in place phase of this passes?  Anxiety will shroud enjoyment for dining out, birthday gatherings, and shopping trips. We’ll yearn for something, anything, to help escape the gray cloud of melancholy and our news feed.  We’ll collectively realize that an obvious cure will be to pack up our cars and head out on a good old-fashion road trip to the great outdoors.

Nature has all the essential elements to boost our happiness and immune systems, with the fresh air, open spaces and poor cell reception.  Japan has long believed in the value of Forest Bathing as a natural way to boost the immune system. Many Americans are about to become believers. Not only does the outdoors support mental and physical strength, it’s open space is a great escape from potential airborne and surface droplet infections from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Once outdoors, social distancing can more easily occur, whether hiking or sitting around a firepit by giving yourself 10 feet of space between you and others not in your household.

When day trips aren’t enough of an adventure, camping will naturally become the collective summer adventure of 2020.  New and seasoned campers are already making their post-containment plans for hitting the open road to spiritually awaken and strengthen their souls amidst the forest, streams, and wildlife. 

With the likely influx of new camping enthusiasts this year, you had better book your campsite early, and get creative with the websites you use to grab a reservation.  Reports are already coming out that campground bookings are spiking across the country. On top of that, many Federal and State campgrounds are temporarily closing during these times to encourage social distancing. We suggest browsing and to seek less populated, or even private and secluded camping or glamping destinations.

2020 will be a transformational year around the world.  Take the time to reconnect safely with your family, close friends and mother nature and we’re all sure to come out the other end stronger, wiser, and ready for a big ass party!

But seriously, Is camping safe during Coronavirus season? 

We support flattening the curve, and the best way to do that is avoid contact with anyone outside of your immediate household, anywhere. The safest and most responsible thing to do is stay home through May (based on what we understand today). You will still want to take precaution during your adventure once the virus becomes “controlled.”  Consider how crowded and dense a potential campground is.  How close will you be forced to a cough or sneeze in proximity to your friendly neighborhood campers.  For the rest of 2020 we will all need to be mindful of keeping a safe social distance.  This would mean staying out of visitors centers (many of which are closed or closing) and generally avoiding groups. Many campgrounds are making additional efforts to keep restrooms clean and disinfected, anticipating the concerns of the patrons, but we won’t be able to assume that these steps will guarantee the spread of the virus.   The most likely risk of contracting, or spreading the virus will be during possible pit stops at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations.

Take accountability and avoid making too many stops during your adventure by packing up all of the necessary food and gear prior to leaving home.  Don’t forget to bring along your bucket of sanitizing wipes, disposable gloves, and your masks as a precaution for yourself and others!



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