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5 Survival Kit Necessities

5 Survival Kit Necessities

When it comes to camping, hiking or just plain survival for any occasion, the #1 rule is to always be prepared.  You will never know when or where you will need life saving utilities to help save your life.  So now you're wondering what items should I be setting aside?  We'll show you 5 necessities you will need to add to your survival kit right now.


1.  Communication Device

Depending on where you are at a cell phone would be your best bet but many excluded places such as the wilderness may not have a signal.  If a phone signal is present be prepared by carrying an extra battery or solar charging unit.  If there's no cell service, revert to a walkie talkie or CB unit.  Your first attempt at survival should be attempts to contact others nearby to be able to locate and help in any case of danger.


2.  Signal Device

This is your next line of offense.  If you are in an isolated area and far from civilization be prepared with flares and a high powered flashlight.  Even a whistle can be helpful in situations.  Any thing to make noise or to bring attention to your self could be a matter of life and death.


3.  Water, Food

You can live up to 3 weeks without food...but only approximately a week with out water.  Always pack water bottles and if needed ration sips to help you maintain your longest time of survival.

Hunting and gather should be your last line of defense.  Packing instant food or canned foods will allow you to eat immediately without cooking.  Trail or energy bars are great too, anything high in carbs and fat is recommended.  


4.  Swiss Army Knife 

A multi-tool is essential when it comes to survival.  Preferably small enough for easy accessibility and one with many tool options, especially a knife. 


5.  Mini First Aid Kit

In any incidences where there are injuries or you need a particular medicine, this can be a game changer.  


Hopefully you will never need any of these items but having these for "just in case" is good peace of mind...


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