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16 Incredible Benefits of Camping

16 Incredible Benefits of Camping

Camping is a very underrated form of self-help or self-therapy!

And I’ll tell you why

Sorry, actually I’ll give you 16 reasons why!

Before we delve into each one, ask yourself:

  • Have you ever felt so stressed you just want away from it for a while?
  • Have you felt you need to get outdoors more and fully connect with nature again?
  • Do you fancy a new challenge?
  • Or have you ever felt really low and need something to pick yourself up again?

Well I’m here to tell you that camping is what you need!

The benefits of camping will have an incredible impact on your life, as they did mine;

  • Your mood will improve
  • You’ll feel more relaxed
  • You’ll experience new opportunities
  • You’ll become more fit and healthy
  • You’ll have a greater sense of purpose

The benefits are endless!

So, let’s not wait around any longer and have a look at the 16 incredible benefits of camping that is going to change your life!



Setting up your tent, looking for firewood, building your fire, exploring and hiking the area around you etc…

You can see where I am going with this

When you’re out camping, these are just some of the daily tasks that need performed which involves greater labour work.

By carrying out such tasks, you’re using more energy which is essentially burning calories.

If you burn more calories compared to what you are eating, you’ll be in a calorie deficit…meaning weight loss.

Now, weight loss is just a part of exercise

With all this labour work such as carrying firewood or clearing your camping area, you’re also toning those muscles.

As these tasks do require more effort and oxygen, you’ll be improving your cardiovascular system meaning you take in a greater oxygen supply that will transport across your body more efficiently, allowing them to perform for longer.


So, talking about oxygen

You won’t get fresher air than that of camping away from towns or cities, somewhere really remote

Away from any signs of civilisation basically!

Nowadays, big manufacturing companies are constantly releasing foul, dirty smog into the air around us and it is very bad to breathe in.

By getting away from it and exploring vast areas with nature and trees all around you; will certainly provide plentiful fresh, clean air to breathe in.


Being able to get out and explore the outdoors does incredible things for the mind.

Human beings by nature are supposed to be out in the open world, exploring, enjoying everything this planet has to offer.

Trust me, if there is any a time when your down in the dumps and feel very low, camping will certainly improve your mood in an instant.

It’s a great way to relax and discover the beautiful scenery around you.


Stress is one of the biggest causes of heart attacks….without question!

There is only so much stress the human mind and body can endure before it can’t cope any longer.

It’s obvious to see with on-going work pressures, commuting to and from work along with trying to keep up with day to day bills.

These are only some of the factors that add to unnecessary stress upon the body.

So, it’s time to get that tent packed and venture out into the wilderness you go!

The benefits of camping are that it allows you or even guides you in the right direction by removing any stress that your body holds.

Whether you’re camping on a beach, in the woods or on a mountain, it doesn’t matter

Just being able to connect with nature, will strip away the day to day stresses of everyday life allowing you to feel completely refreshed and renewed.


Your probably wondering why sunshine is seen as a benefit here

Two words: Vitamin D

Or is that 1 word and 1 letter, either way, Vitamin D is a massively under-valued vitamin that our bodies need.

Vitamin D is essential in absorbing Calcium and helps to promote bone growth

It only comes in small amounts within fruit and veg so it’s hard to get into our system but the sun offers a bountiful of it!

So as you can see camping offers the perfect conditions for you to obtain all the Vitamin D you need.


Humans are social beings that need to grow through communication and relationship

We gather in our small circles and share stories with other like-minded people

If you’re camping with family or friends, it keeps away in of today’s distractions and really allows you to connect with the most important people to you.

You can share stories around a fire, talk about old memories or even create new ones on your camping trip

Camping can also be a great way to discover new friends or acquaintances.


Staring up into the starry night or hearing the noise of rain as it batters off the side of the tent is only to name a few of the things you can enjoy whilst sleeping outside.

I prefer the rain to be honest, knocks me right off to sleep!

Although during your days camping, they are filled with activities, exploring, and breathing in the fresh air

It’s no wonder you’ll get a better night’s sleep outside

I do recommend though that you obtain a good camping mattress as you’ll have a more comfortable sleep

The yellow/orange glow of the campfire also helps to promote melatonin (a chemical made naturally by the body to regulate sleep)


Now, if you’re camping with friends and bringing a supply of booze, burgers and sausages…by all means.

Although if you’re camping enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll want to bring healthy snacks and food.

Food such as porridge, nuts, grains and granola bars will help to promote a healthier lifestyle. These types of food are great for when you’re out camping.

They are very nutrient dense providing the essential carbohydrates, protein and fats you need after exploring the wilderness.

Even, why not try your hand at fishing around the nearest lake or river?

Catch some tasty fish and grill it over the campfire. Perfect healthy, nutritious dinner!

Once you’re in that mind frame, you not want to go back to eating fast-food takeaways when your back home.


Any camping enthusiast will understand the many different jobs and challenges’ camping consists of

  • Walking to and finding the perfect place to camp
  • Setting up camp
  • Searching for firewood
  • Building your firepit
  • Cooking your food

This will all come second nature to them now, however, if you’re a complete beginner to camping, this will present a new challenge.

I promise though, once you have thrown yourself into the tasks involved and seen the fire you made roaring in front you, you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment

And what a feeling that is!

Knowing that you made this with your own hands and now you’re cooking your own food over it

It’s these small challenges that allow you to grow your skillset both physically and mentally


Getting away from it all and unplugging yourself from the daily scroll of Facebook is a great benefit of camping.

With the amount of technology that is around us, it can become too much at times

This is why camping is great just to reset yourself, go off-grid and to enjoy the simple things in life

Now, I’m not saying to leave your phone at home as if there’s an emergency you’ll be scampering around looking for that phone

But being able to set it down for a while and take in the nature around you will be more beneficial to you than seeing who was the latest person to like your photo!


Camping is a great time to really sit down and think about things

It provides the perfect environment where you can focus on tasks that need performed when back home and even lets you think what you really want out of life.

Having the silence, the calmness and sense of focus really can inspire you to think about what you need to do to achieve your own personal goals in life!

Nature in itself is inspiring, and with this it creates that tinder that sparks your creativity


So as I said, camping is a great way to de-stress and reset yourself.

Being able to wake up and go to bed in your natural surroundings really does recharge your batteries if you feel run down from the pressures of everyday life.

I’ve been there and felt that burnout where you feel tired, lethargic and drained of energy

Simply getting a few nights or even one night of camping will guarantee that your body and mind will feel recharged and ready to go again.


Depression seems to be more a of common illness nowadays, more now than ever

This is more than likely down to the fact that it wasn’t considered a diagnosis until recent years

The American Psychiatric Association quoted depression as ‘a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act’

In my humble opinion, I really do believe camping is so beneficial to whoever is suffering from this debilitating illness.

Even have a look at what has to say about how beneficial being outdoors does for your mental health, they offer a great insight!

Like I said, I believe camping is one of the most underestimated forms of self-help or self-therapy

Simply being  in nature, hearing the trees sway in the wind, the birds chirping in the morning, the rush of water in the river below or the hooting of owls at night are all noises and things to see that really do make you feel happier and more content.

Daily tasks like the ones discussed above, help to keep your mind focused on other things and at the end of the day, you can sit down and relax over a warm, crackling fire!

Trust me, your feelings, your thoughts and your actions will begin to improve and allow you to feel a lot better about yourself!


Take a break from your normal busy lifestyle and simply live in the moment!

Don’t think about what happened yesterday or what may come about tomorrow, just live in the now and full immerse yourself in it.

It’s good for you to take a break and camp away in a secluded spot well clear of daily pressures and the hustle and bustle.

If you’re bringing your phone, check it every now and again but don’t live through it.

There is so much to life outside of that tiny screen, so why live inside it when you can live it all around you!


On a daily basis, the mind can only process so much information before it becomes like mush and you need to lay your head down

So by removing your normal day to day distractions of phones, your work schedule and money and replacing that with nature, you are able to focus your mind and concentrate better and for longer.

Your mind isn’t cluttered with all the things you have to remember each day so it’s easier to remember the more important tasks that you really ought to be doing.

Going back to simplicities really can reset and improve your memory, and camping is that gateway that allows it.


Achieving small accomplishments is a great self-esteem booster and certainly helps improving your self-confidence.

Carrying out such tasks as fishing, cutting trees for firewood, setting up your own tent or cooking your own food you caught is extremely beneficial to your confidence.

Accomplishing a goal or task and knowing that you worked for it, promotes a sense of achievement and it’s even better when your able to enjoy the fruits of it for example having warmth from the fire, a dry place to sleep for the night or even cooked fish from your earlier catch.

Even when you’re camping with friends, everyone is able to contribute and you need teamwork to get certain jobs done, this gives a sense of camaraderie and belonging.


These 16 benefits of camping are set out to show and prove to you how helpful and incredible they can be to absolutely improve many areas of your life!

I’ve experienced most of these myself and I can honestly say I feel happier, more content, fulfilled and feel much better about myself.

If you haven’t camped before or looking to try it to get your own space, I promise you’ll come back more relaxed with a great sense of achievement.




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